Names in bold/italics indicate members of HPP’s monthly giving program, Invest in a Family. HPP makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list. If your name appears erroneously or you would prefer to have your name listed differently, please let us know.


Anonymous, Rachel Dean, Barry and Marie Lipman


Anonymous (3), John and Tina Keker, Kevin Lynch & Margaret Carlson Lynch


Victoria Camelio and Michael Fisch, Mary E. Rudden


Anonymous, The Boro Family, Anne Ryan and Thomas Degnan, Jimmy Zhu & Family


Anonymous (4), Robert Carrigan, Deirdre Coyne, Mary Coyne and Mark Olivier, Dagmar Dolby, Drs. Beverly Benson and Pamela Farmer, Gary and Beth Francesconi, Neil Gendel, Kristin Johnson, Karla F. Jones, Gina Kim, Steven and Vickie Mavromihalis, Edward Suharski and Elizabeth McCarty, Mary Mead, Toni and Don Miller, Robert and Cristina Morris, Mary Belle O'Brien and Georgia Heid, Alex Raitz, Eileen Ryan and John DeRocco, Gretchen Sisson and Andrew McCollum, Laura and Gregory Spivy, Christopher Thilgen, Liz and Greg Vaughan, Grace and Steven Voorhis, Diane Wilsey


Maureen Aggeler, Kate Ames, Kathryn and Stefan Bewley, Susan Boeing, Amy Boyarsky and Carlos Barbero Cortes, Kathleen Cowley Willis, Tyler and Jane Dann, Bethany and Andrew Dioli, Glenn and Krissy Gable, Linda Griffith and Paul Korntheuer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Guglielmi, Ralph and Margaret Ho, James Kim and Jeanette Perez, Barbara and David Kimport, Adrienne and Jack Ladd, Debbie Landres and Ethan Smith, Rita Louh and Rolland Ho, Rick Matcovich and Donna DiGiuseppe, Elizabeth McCarthy, Kelly McGinnis and Don Santel, Janice Nelson, Schwartz Padrez Family, Neil and Karen Pinsky, David Prowler and Simone Perez, Sean Rhea and LucyAlmers, Lorie and Baxter Rice, Patricia and James B. Rudden, Martha Ryan and Dan McDonald, Tim and Tricia Ryan


Anonymous (4), Mary and Wayne Alba, Sarah Arnquist, Gregory Baker, Carl and Tiffany Bindoo, Betsy Bliss and Dave Olson, Bryan and Heather Branstetter, Caitlin and Tom Brown, Debbie Byrne, Jack Chase and Rebecca McEntee Chase, Joanne and Richard Compean, Douglas Cope, Mildred and Jeff Crear, Shannon Downey Turpin, Will Evers and Melinda Ellis Evers, Kat Fernandez, David Friedman and Paulette Meyer, Marsha and Ralph Guggenheim, Laurabeth Harvey, Judy Hipskind, Donna and Matt James, Johnson Family, Marlene and Tom Johnson, Sarah Kilpatrick, Richard LaMotte and Susan Gleckler, Gene and Sally Little, David and Kristin MacKnight, Anthony and Jacqueline Maffei, Monica E. McGuire, Mary Anne McGuire-Hickey, Dr. Lois Levine Mundie, The Nino-Moore Family, Dorothy Noyon and Joel Nelson, Scott and Sheila O'Brien, Lucy O'Dwyer, Mary Owen, Kenneth and Kirsty Pereira, Lauren and Alex Rolfe, Andrew Clarke and Beth Rostan, Bridget Ryan and David Parker, Frank and Linda Ryan, Corbyn Salisbury, Mark, Eleanor, Andrew Selcow and Lisa Acree, Rachel Skelly, Connie Smith, Virginia Smyly, Mary Uniacke, Keri Vaca, Mary and Mike Wolfe, Jacques Yves and Marie Christine LaGarde


Anonymous (3), Zev Benjamin, Reid Benson, Mark and Jackie Berkman, Robin Boggs, Randi Boorstein and Robert Stoner, Janet Brockbank, Scott and Rachel Burger, Joanne Burik, Niall and Brianne Cannon, Zymnis Ceyhan Family, Pamela Chan and David Papandrew, Hilary Clark and Family, Daniel DeRocco, Jeannie Duisenberg and Mr. Rich Hlava, Ulfar Erlingsson, Jocelyn and Fred Euphrat, Victoria Fiore, Nina Flax Kaufman, Chandra and Bob Friese, Michael and Karen Gemmill, Louise Clark and Jill Ginsberg, Laura Gottlieb and Brian Johnson, Andrew and Colby Gray, Julie Hamwood, Boe and Sophie Hayward, Sandra R. Hernandez and Viva Paredes, Bill and Janet Jetton, Glencora & Hunter King, J.R. and Jeanne King, The Koechley-Bell Family, Joan Kreiss and Roger Perlmutter, Roberto Lartigue, Robert Lee Brown and Kirstin Terese Hoefer, Lockwood Miller Family Trust, Jeannie and Mariam Mao, Rachel Masters and Dan Mosedale, Susan and Steven Masters, Brigid McCarthy and Dan Charles, Rohini Mehtani, Jeanne Myerson, John and Sophie Cate, Teresa Olle and John Comerford, Dean Preston and Jenckyn Goosby, Ronald Reis, The Salvaty Family, Jim Sergi and Allison Huegel, Barbara Shipley and Paul Lamoreux, Justine C. Simpson, Mary Staunton and Redmond Lyons, David and Robin Sternberg, Mike and Peggy Torpey, Louis and Kimiko Vigden, Daniel Wald, Pamela Wald, Melanie Watts, Abby Cleghorn and Nate White, Thurman and Eileen White, Richard Xia, Marisa and Cliff Yeh


Anonymous (12), Ashish Agarwal and Anjali Billa, Alice Ames Morison and Dr. Oakley Hewitt, Thomas Ames, Jacqueline Banks, Elena Batalla, Sharon and Tommy Bechtol, Steven Bills, Jeffrey Bluestone and Leah Rosenkrantz Bluestone, Mr. Paul H. Klingenstein and Ms. Kathleen R. Bole, Ruth and Fred Brousseau, Condon Brown and Karen Wright, Thomas Brown, Jane and James Buckley, Chris & Tina Butler, Vincent Carey, Juli Carter, Penny Castleman, Kevin Chang, David Chen, Shilpa Chetty, Alia Vander Lind and Zachary Cincotta, Scott Clark and Suzy Zuckert, Abigail Coburn and Harris Epstein, Justin Collingham, Jeff and Laura Critchfield, Brett Critchlow, Ian Cutler, Dr. Dan McPherson and Kevin Gogin, Susan Daniels, Laura de Petra, Natasha Deganello Giraudie, Paula Delehanty and Will Thoms, James Dern, Narendra and Nalini Doshi, Becky Draper, Tasha Drew, Erin Hess Dumont, Linda and Harvey Eckmann, Kirsty Ellis, Brooks Family Fund, Jason Foster, Gary W. Furney and Lisa E. Kakehashi, Ann and John Fyfe Family, Brianne Gagnon, Barbara Garcia, Emily and Lawrence Gentilello, William and Molly Getty, Tricia and Richard Gibbs, Gwyn Gordon and Damian Marhefka, Stephen and Peggy Goulding, Kelly Greenwood and Jules Maltz, Susan Gujral, Katy and Bob Gurley, Emma Hansson and Sean Ryan, Stephanie Harrell, Lee Heagerty and David Duncan, Jessica Hilberman and Katrina Reid, Linda Holbrook and J.M. Dusay, Helen Hughes, September Jarrett and Eric Cuneo, Edward Jones and Loring Pfeiffer, Margaret Kammerud, David Karp and Jan Postma, Sy Kaufman, Liz Keim, Deberah Kelley, Kathleen Anne Kelly and Kevin Hall, Esther Kim, Katrina Kimport and Matthew Villeneuve, Susan Rothstein and John Koeppel, Christopher and Betsy Lalli, Anne-Elise Lansdown, Paul Leblond, Benny Lichtner, Sandy Lione and Bob Jerome, Peter Livesey, Sandra and Richard Lopacki, Debbie Lynch, Gina and Rohan Ma, Michael and Jean Macia, Patrick and Gwen Mahoney, Joseph Marenda, Lawrence Marshall, Nelson and Alice Maxwell, The McGarrys, Daniel and Josephine Moreno, Susan Nasca, Ryan and Sara Minahan, Cindi and Loic Nicolas, Amanda Nottke, Ann O'Leary, Laura Oppenheimer, Frances O'Sullivan, Robert Owen and Ellen Levy Bussey, Hannah Park, Ellen Perelman, Sara Pfender, Cheri Pies and Melina Linder, Helen Pollock, Samia Rashed, Deepa Reddy and John Frerichs, Michelle Repko, Amy Risch and Nancy Andrews, Nance Rosencranz, Karin Ashley and Mr. Daniel Roth, Arlene Rubens Balin, Julia Rudden, Joseph and Susan Ryan, Neil and Kathy Ryan, Jane Ryan, Lauren and John Salvo, Michael Shagam, Deborah B. Shaw, Caroline Smith, Jeff Smith and Jolene Yee, Philip and Linda Smith, Michael and Laura Springer, Gail and RickStephens, Claudia Stickler, Chris Stoehr and Jackie Whang, Amy Stoll, Laurel Taschetta, Erica Magliaro Taylor, Rob and Alice Terheyden, Jean and William Terheyden, Robert Bunker and Sandra Treacy, Dyann E. Tresenfeld, Jennifer and Myles VanderWeele, Teresa Villela and Alicia Fernandez, Josh Walker and Josephine Chew, Yiling Wang, Ann and Richard Ward, Leonard Warren, Melissa Williams, Wendy and Rob Wishnowsky, Lee Work, Barbara Wornum, David Wurzburg, Kay Yatabe, David Coleman and Kristy Young Coleman, Olivier Zyngier


Anonymous (2), John Adcock, Donald and Marlene Ahlbach, AMF, Cathleen Anderson, Carol Anderson and Stephanie Smith, Beverly Ashworth, Raul Avila and Trude Froland, Mary Ann Balian, Dianne Barry, Alexis Bechtol and Matt Sorgenfrei, Emily Berger, Gary Beuschel and John Kruse, Alex Boden, Melani Chandler,  Judy Cooke, Ben and Bethany Corrie, Mary and Larry Costello, Natalie and Ajay Crittendon, Kathleen Curran, Dr. David Heiden and Ms. Kathy Seligman, Lorin and Debbie Vogel, Chlesea Denton, Colleen and Mike Driscoll, Frank and Jennifer Drolet, John and Terry Flanagan,  Julia Friedlander, Christina Giguere, Steve Good, Grasplan, Lauren Gunderson and Nathan Wolfe, Andrew Harmon, Robert and Leonie Harris, MaryAnn M Hauf, Dr. Herb and Ellen Brosbe, William and Caroline Hoekstra, In Honor of Marita Mayer and David Jones, Timothy Johnson, Allison Kaptur, Michel Kapulica and Elizabeth Brogna, Kevin Kennedy, Anonymous, Lindsey Lyrenmann, Laura and Andrew Martinez-Fonts, Richard Matcovich, Mary Mays and Steven Leiner, Monica McCarthy, Maureen Mcgrath, RN, MS, PNP, Kristen McGuire, Crystal McKellar and Michael Scafati, Marian McLean, John Michels, Kristin Monroe, Laura and Mark Novak, Chris Page and Jen Mayer Fund, Kevin Pearson, Frank S. Peters and Marjory Musgrave, Felisa Preskill and Zachary Scholz, James Purchase and Asha Balaj, Judi and Robert Raymer, Patty Reed and Mr. Rick Clark, Jocelyn Ross, Sally Ann Ruf, Rachel Ryan Parker, Jordan and Tiffany Sapp, Carin Sauerwein, Andrea and Joel Schkloven, JoAnna Schull and Dave Conroy, Carol Schulte and Kenneth Reggio, Ruth Strasser, Jared and Evelyn Sulem, Myles Sussman, Elsie Talley, Rita Tamerius, Victoria Treyger, Kathleen Tuttle, June Wang and Edward Chang, Lauren Willis and Jonathan Weissglass, Cathy and Richard Worner, George Woyames

Up to $250

Anonymous (62), Lise Aagenaes, Mariam Abdel-Malek, Hans and Megan Abramson-Ward, Amanda Acheson, Linda Ackerman, Kathleen Adams, Judith Adler, Jordan Adler, Nyara Afshar, Ti Aguirre, Sundeep Ahuja, Karen Aidem, Gabriel Alam, Katie Albright and Jake Schatz, Sally Aldridge, Joy and Jonathan Alferness, Amy Allen, Susan Allen and Mohammad Walizadeh, Olivia Alperin, Nancy Alpert, Christina Alvarez and Emily Wood, Marco Ambron and Gabbriella Yates, Lynnette Amerian, Ethan Andelman, Mark and Wendy Anderson, Jolen Anderson, Melody Anderson and Natasha Finkbeiner, Tracy Andreassen, Jane Armbruster and Malcolm Davis, Alyce Arnick, Marie Atterbury, Maurisha Augustin-Costa, Melanie Ayala, Theresa Azevedo, Katherine Babcock, Djuna and Thelma Babiera, Rosemary Bacy, Rachel Badovinac, Sarah Baird, Susan Baird, Julie Baller and Howard Graves, Paul Banas, Walter Bankovitch and Jocelyn Pou Rivera, Barbara and Walter Bankovitch, Jerry and Sheila Bannan, Hank Bannister, Kyle Barber, Naomi Bardach, Eugene Bardach, Peter and Whitney Bardwick, Jasper Barker, John and Millie Barrett, Jennifer and Tim Barrett, Nancy Barrett and Peter Clapp, Michael Barry, Mustafa Bas, John Bascom, Ori Bash, Wilma Bass, Sue Baum, Michael Bauman, Kathy Baxter and Tom Stern, Michael and Michelle Bechtol, Sariah Bechtol, Benjamin Bechtolsheim, Orly Bell, Cassandra Benjamin, Jon and Ellen Benjamin, Micah Bennett and Hila Shemer, Kellie Bentz, The Berger Family, Elizabeth Berman, Bernstein-Patchell Family, Starbright Bilyck, Kinsley Binard, Jennifer Bjornsen, Don Blevins, Judith Bley, Berit and Robert Block, Margaret and Matthew Blodgett, Stacy Boise, Christina Booth, Anne Borgman, Sydnay and Edward Bowersox, Joe and Midge Bracco, Amy Bradac, Larry and Lorre Beth Bradshaw, Brisen Brady, Elaine Brannigan and Eric Rapin, Ron Brazil, Brent and Laura Breckenridge, Sandi Breen, Patricia and John Brennan, Jessica and Sean Brennan, Carol Brennan, Shannon Brennen, Emma Brenner-Bryant, Rikki Bryant and Eric Brenner, Bill, Bridget and Mabel Watson Payne, Amanda Brill, Claire and Ralph Brindis, Athena Brockman, Erin and Jeremy Brown, Natanya and Jason Brown, Jessica Budnitz, Neda Burapavong, Diane Burk, Kali Burke Zivitz and Garrett Vachal, Tony Burquez, Brittany Burrows, Megan Bushnell, Cathleen Cabansag, Cecilia Cabello, Jim Cahill, Janiece Caldwell, Angela Cali, Corbett Campbell, Jacqueline Canas, Elizabeth and Stephen Carlson, Helen and Peter Carr, Pauline Carrillo, Juli Carter, Morena Carvalho, Gail Casey, Tiffany Casterline, Joseph A. Cecere, Leah Chalofsky and Dylan Mills, Catherine Chang, Peter and Theresa Chartz, Nora Chau, Carey Chern and Juliana Wong, Taissa Cherry and Jay Labourene, Linda Cheu and Andrew Yan, Elisabeth Chicoine, Angela Chien, Emily Chiswick-Patterson, Myra Chow, Carrol Chrys, Jiyoun Chung and Simon Huynh, Kathleen Ciabattoni, Avi Cieplinski and Jenny Yelin, Andrea Cipriani, Mary Claire Meehan, Dr. Claire and Dr. James Davis, Kristi Coale and Rich Register, Ann Coburn, Misty Cochran Swann, Misha Cohen, Jason Cohen, Linda Colfax, Elizabeth Colpoys, Dave Conroy, Nancy Coolidge, Michael Coonan, Katya Cornejo, Katrina and Jeremiah Corr, Larry Corridon, Alexa Cortese, Holly Cost and Jose Gutierrez, Mary and Neil Cotter, Richard and Anne Cottrell, Ed Coyne, Elaine Crail, Lauren Crandall, Susannah Crandall Shimkus and Darren Colton Shimkus, Tamara Crane, Dara Crawford, Sarah Crowell, Sandy Cruz, Kari Dadger, Kristie Dahlia Home, Lynn Dalsing, Alison and Sage Danch, Cassandra Daniels, Stephanie and Chris Dauer, Rhian David, Irene Davidson Thomas and Stephen Thomas, Sarah Dobkin and Ed Davisson, Mary Day, Ann Dennehy, Lisa Dazols, Joshlyn De Ala, Katharine de Zengotita, Matthew and Emily Decker, Christopher DeJong, Brian and Mary Lee Delehanty, Annette Diamond, David Dickson, Nancy Dinges, Patricia Dinner, Patrick Dizon, David Dobkin and Suzanne Gespass, Jeffrey Dobrinsky, Catherine Dodd RN, PhD, Vickie and Chuck McDonnell, Elizabeth Dorazio, Carion Doty, Rory Downward, Vince Draddy, Eleanor Drey and Warren Saunders, Eveline Dube, Charles Duffy, Katherine Dunham and Michael Rodevich, John and Michaela Dunkin, Margaret and David Dunlap, Luke Dunnington, Melissa Dupuis, Dworkin Family, Joan Dykema, Alisha and Lucas Eastwood, Heidi Eaton, Roy Eby, Josselyn Eccleston, Dr. Edward Cohen and Ms. Kaht Dorward, Jennifer Edwardson, Dr. Audrey Egan, D.C., Susan Ehrlich, Amie Eigner and Paul Luongo, Elgart-Pringle Family, Chelsea and Joanna Ellsworth, Robert Elwell and Kayleigh Gaddor, Gretchen Engel, Jessica England, Edward English, Yaa Enin, Andrea Erb, Galienne Eriksen and Noah Eiger, Jane Erro, Stephanie Erskine, Bianca Escalante, Sasha Fahimi, Debbie Faigenbaum, Zelig Family, Helene Farber, Anthony and Diane Farley, Steven and Darlene Feldstein, Emily Feldstein, Lois Feller, Julie Felner, Susan Felter and William Mastin Jr., Mark Ferrer, Karen Fertil, Yevgenia Fink and Dan Bowersox, Elizabeth Finlayson and Jim Nadel, Annette Fisch, Ben Fisher, Susan Fisher-Owens, Rosaline Fitzpatrick, Myron Fong, Candy Foote, Ann and Bernerd Ford, Victoria and Nicholas Fram, Pauline France, Melissa Francis, Marie Francis, Ross and Suzanne Franco, Joyce Frankenberg, Jen Franklin Bigio, Diana Frappier, Nancy Frappier, Jodie Frawley, Caitlin Freeman, Jennifer Friedland, Katherine Friedman, Nancy R Friedman, Larissa Friesen, Walter G. and Barbara Korntheuer, Nichole Gabriel and Gibu Thomas, Lynn and Brian Gagan, Amanda Galton-Valle, Meredith Galvin, Carol and Robert Gamble, Kristin Gannon, Tiffany and Brandon Gantus, Jennifer Garboden, Arlene Garcia, Melissa Garcia, Ted Garman, Christine and Joe Garofoli, Dru Garza, Lauren Gelman, Desiree Germick, Julienne Gherardi and Jeff Perry, Nicole Giacinti, Ken and Susan Giannotti, Diane Giansante, Kelly Gillease, Jeannine and Ben Gillikin, Kevin P Gilmore, Sean Gilmore, Jane Ginsburg, Jenny Girard Malley and Jeffrey Malley, Nancy and MikeGirard, Joann Glaser Hurwitz, Joann Glover, Greg Goddard and Miguelina Perez, Nita Godhwani, Katherine and Fred Goetzke, Matthew Gold, David Goldbrenner, Nina Goldman and Douglas Legg, Rachel Goldman, Barry and Debra Goldman-Hall, Debbie Gold and Michael Goldstein, Cheryl Gonzales, Marisa Gonzalez, Ruth Goodman, Roberta Goodman, Robert and Caren Gould, Shikha Goyal-Allain, Kathy Grant, The Graubard Family, Ian Green, Virginia Green, Morgan Green, Rachel Greenberg Luck and Arik Luck, Alisa and Hugh Groocock, Kurt and Lucinda Grovenburg, Smetka Grskoric, Joseph Grubb, Ana Guerrero, Karen Gullett, Bhagwandas Gupta, Naveen Gupta, Saar Gur, Elizabeth and Michael Gurev, Britta Gustafson, Tina Gutierrez, Daisy Ha and Sam Kim, Blanca Haendler and Robert Cook, Cathleen Haglund, Elizabeth and Ian Halifax, Mike and Nancy Hall, Heidi Hamilton, Teddi Hamilton, Ami Hamilton, Mark and Pat Hamilton, Margy Hutchison and Hali Hammer, Stephanie Hanger, Molly Hanks Doyle, Carlina Hansen, Katy Hardt, Thomas Harrington, Amy and Brooke Harris, Tom Harshman and Stan Gwyn, Arianne Hartsell-Gundy, Josie Haspel, Gerald Hassett, Luke Sykora and Kristin Hatch, Elizabeth Hawkins Tahawi, Jason Haycock, Jean Hazelwood and Joan Joyner, Patrick Heagerty, Rollie and Josie Heath, Nellyn Hecktman, Miriam Hernandez-Dimmler and Charles Dimmler, Cynthia Herning Molstad, Leigh Herrera, Peter and Colleen Higgins, Sarah Hinger, Page Hodel, Ellen Hoffman, Maura Hogan, Nettie Hoge, Meagan and Scott Holden, Sarah Holden, Virginia Holive, Natalie Hollan, Stephen and Angela Hollman, Beth Holzman, Mary Hones and Annie Fitzpatrick, Jacquelyn Horton, Libby Horton, Lucky Star, Madeline Howard, Sherri Howe, George and Kathryn Hribar, Helen Huang, Karen and Don Hughes, Michael Hunter and Laura Cashion, Brittany Hurd, Wendy Hussey and Julia Caplan, Julie Husson, Amy Hyams, Tandy Iles, Katherine Isbister, Ann Jackson, Gavin Jacobson and Amy Autrey, Donald James Fiore, Count Jan Lewenhaupt, Sarah Jane Hollister, Mary Janowitz and Alan Grinberg, Elizabeth Jansson, Virginia Jaramillo, Jarmel-Schneider Family, Kate Jerman, Maria Jerome, Jackie and Carl Jew, Kathy Jew, Linda Johannes, Lucy Johns, Barrett Johnson, Yeva Johnson and Mike Potts, Alperin Family, Cameo Jones and Ron Tremblay, Stephen Kahl, Leslie Kahl, Erin Kahn, Patricia Kaitz Pascoe, Bri Kapellas, Ronald Kappel, Barbara Karb, Stephanie Karim, Amber Karin Evanoff, Joshua Karlin-Resnick, Mary Kate Bacalao, Jamie Katz, Betsy and Herb Kaufman, Mary Kay Ryan and Ed Semansky, Katya Kazakova, Ekaterina Kazakova, Colleen Kearns, Annie Keener, Michele Keil, Melissa Keir, George and Charlotte Keisel, Laurel Kellam, Kristin Kelleher-Wong, Deirdre Keller, Alicia Kelley, Mary and Thomas Kelley, Susan Kelley and Kevin Hicks, Daniel and Ruth Kelly, Karen Kelly, Christine Kendrick, Monica and Kevin Kendrick, Kari Kendzerski, Megan Kennel, Jennifer Kern, Randi Kern, Vicky Keston, Frances Kham, Diamond and James Khoe, Blue Ova Health, Sheila Kiernan, James Kiernan, Margo and Charles Kieser, Pat Kilduff, Laura Kim, Moira Kimball, Leigh Kimberg, Ed Kinchley and Mary Magee, Toni King, Nicolas King and Dawn Ogawa, Lucy Kirchner, Susan Kitazawa, Amy Klatzkin and Terry M. Fry, Karen Klein and Ben Golvin, Mary and Thomas Kmak, Sharee Knight, Janice Ko, Monique Kobinger, Laraine Kokin, Anna Korepanova, Sophie and Ross Korn, Terry Kraus & Mark Sugerman, David Krause, Brian Krausz, Clare Krebsbach and Thomas Barber, Jan and Joel Kriegel, Lois Ann Kroll, Stanislava Kuckova, Mario Kuhar, Stephanie Kurek, Joyce and Robert Kurtz, Joel Kurzman, Joshua Kutras, Rosalie Lack and Greg Roensch, Lacoe and Leos-Urbel Family, Richard Lagunte, Heidi Lamar, Barbara Lamb Hall, Kristin Lamoureux, Suzanne Lampert, Sangeeta and Jeff Landau, Diane Landino, Dr. and Mrs. Richard Landres, Robert Langenbrunner, Anna Larsen, Jennifer Lashua, Molly Lazarus and Craig Burke, Mary Lea Reardon, Michelle Leao, Robert LeBeau, Tommy Lee, Marie Lemper, Mark Leno, Theo Leslie, Michelle Lessans, Joslyn Leve, Lynn Levey, Sharon Levin, Kiera Levine, Melanie Levine Bush, Galore Inc., Stephanie Levy, James Lewis, MD, Patty and Peter Li, Lisa Lightman, Justin Lin and Cindy Alvarez, Debbie Lindes, Chelsea Lindow Rosas, Dr Brie A Linkenhoker, Judith Linnel, Wylie Liu and Loren Krane, Catherine Ljungquist and Steve Pulverman, Jillian Lohndorf, Pamela Long, Rachel Lonsdale, Melissa Losee and Marisol Samperio, Megan Louise Delehanty, Larry and Doreen Low, Kathie and Dexter Lowry, Corinna Lu, Orla Lucey, Teresa Lucey, James and Patsy Ludwig, The Luiten Family, Joy Lund, Elinore and Lawrence Lurie, Barbara M. Lyons, Pamela Lyss-Lerman, Christine Ma, The Macha Family, Sheryl Magdayao, Maghally Family, Ketric Mahoney, Kimberly Mahood and Peter Lyu, Ethan Malasky, Gaurav Manchanda, Robert Ratner and Jennifer Mangel, Greg Mann, Brandee Marckmann, Jim Maricondo, Anne Marie and James Magee, Mark and Gwen Marinozzi, Gregory Martin and Susan Springborg, John Martinez, Susan Masback, Donna Mason, Marjan Masoudi, Terri Massin, Jona Matevish, Britt Mattern, Jamaica Maxwell, Margaret McCaffery, Mary McCaffrey, Cathleen McCarthy, Maggie McDermott, Joan McDonald, Cyril McDonald, John and Mary McGee, Cordelia McGee-Tubb, Jen McGraw, Robert McLean, Bernadette McMenamin and Carol Maldanado, Deborah McNeil, Robert McPhail, Wanda Medina, Meg O'Brien, Patricia Mejia, Ashley Melamed, Ellen Meltzer and George Porter, Jessica Mendenhall, Tanya Merchant, Rebecca Mervis, Michael Metzner, Kimberley Milfred, David and Liore Milgrom-Gartner, Joanne Miller, Morgan Miller, Bonnie Miller, Heather Miller, Nora Miller, Whitney Miller, Alberta Montero, Charles and Clarice Moody, Nicholas and JoAnne Moore, Shauny Moore, Rosalie Morosin, Janean Morris, Bremner Morris, Emily F. Morrison, Heidi Moseson Lidow, Patricia Moyes, Peter Moylan, Pauline Muk, Anna Munandar, Kevin Murphy, Catherine Murray, Ann Mussallem Alioto, Goklivani Muthusamy, Elizabeth and Bill Nachbau, Kristy Nadler, Stacy Nagel, Elizabeth Nakamoto, Hina Naqvi, Claude and Valerie Nederovique, Melyssa Nelson, Ari Nepon, Ethan Newby, John Newcomb and Brenda Wilcox Newcomb, Pete and Jane Ng Demoreuille, Celeste Nguyen, Nicholson Shack Family, Erik and Sandra Nierenberg, Molly Nixon, Kari Norder, Jane Nurre, Maria and Michael O'Brien, Emily O'Brien, Kerry O'Brien, Ambler Ochstein, Madeline Oden, Maureen Offer, Rita and Dan O'Hara, Clare O'Keefe, Mary Oldham, Ardis Olsen, Pat and Gene Opfer, Deb Oppenheim, Paul Oseguera, Meg O'Shaughnessy, Laura Oswell, Allie and Michael Ottoboni, Bob Outis, Robin Owen, Geoffrey Oxholm, Ira P. Sapan, MD, Kate Pacoe, Michael Palermo, Jordan Parrillo, Angel Hubbard, Melissa Partin, Allan and Barbara Paschke, William Pasinosky, Amit Patankar, Shela and Kumar Patel, Kathleen Pavao, Lindsay Pearson, Anita Pedersen-Pennock, Andrew Pederson, Patty Peiling Chen, Amarendra Pendala, Lara Pender, Janet Penley, Arthur Perkins and Mary Anne O'Leary Perkins, William Perry, Colby Peterson, John and Sylvia Pfender, Kirsten Pfleger, Jennifer Phillips, Michael Pickford, Whitney Pieper, Linda Poggetti and Peter Ruan, Esteban Prado, Zefania Preza, Rachel Pusey and Aaron Dornstreich, Tony Quericiagrossa, Kathy Quon Bryant, Rachel Ohliger, Andrea Raider, Ariana Ramos, Bill and Katherine Rauch, Christopher Rauen and Emily O'Brien, Tuesday Ray, Caitlin Redpath, Barbara and MichaelRenda, Louise Renne, Susie Renner, The Rev. Elizabeth Grundy, Mauricio Reyes, Kay Rhea, Katy and Kit Rhoades, Marilee and Jonathan Rhodes, Jessica Riewe, Zinna Riley Eitapence, Ethan and Liana Ris, Mario and Jessica Rizzo, Sidney Robbins, Alex Robert Matevish, Nickina Roberts, Cheyenne Robertson, Julie Roberts-Phung and Dan Phung, Allison Roddy, Abby Rodriguez, Elizabeth Rogers and Steven Buchholz, Aviva Roller and Aaron Kessler, Jerry Romani, Natasha Rose and William Grimes, Gary Rosenberg, Elissa Rosenberg, Lilia Rosenheimer, Valerie Ross, Peter Rothblatt, Claire Rovegno, Neftali Rubio and Jeremy Miller, Mary Rutherford, Kathleen Ryan and Kelly J. Kearney, Ellie Ryan, Katherine and Timothy Ryan, Matthew and Lorraine Ryan, Scarlet Ryane, Allan S. Manalo, Sally S. and Gerrard J. Cassidy, Zelda Saeli, Stephanie Safdi and Johan Ugander, Marie Sanchez, Caitlin Sanford, Marina Santiago, Margie Sargent, Parissa Sayar, Sarah A. Schoellkopf Ph. D., Lani Schreibstein, Darren Schulte and Stefani Wedl, Rebecca Schumacher, Sue Schwartz and Frank Lalle, Stephen Schwarz, Andrew Schweig, Lina Scroggins, Lou Segale, Libby Seifel, Danielle Selassie, Andrea Shah, Claudette Shaheen, Mark Shahinian, Marsha Shaiman, Devlin Shand, Barbara Shapiro, Lisa and Mr. Josh Shaskan, Karen Shea, Rachel Sheinbein and Joe Greenstein, Courtney Sheldon, Na'ama Shenhav, Yelizaveta Sher, Janet Sherwood, Laurie and Damien Shulock, Michele Sickler, Benjamin Siegel Golden and Bethany Golden, Claudia Siegel, Peter Siegel and Nancy Stohl, Scott Siegel, Barbara Silver, Ken Simas, Julie Simon Munro, Anne Simons and Michael Castleman, Diane Sklar and Wayne Gilbert, Linda Smalley, Ethan Smith, Madison Smith, Patricia Smith and Lillie Payton, Theresa Nelson and Barney Smits, The Smolen Family, Heidi Smoot, Carolyn Soling, Alex Solomon, Jessica Soltz-Rudd and Alex Rudd, Jon Sommer, Sarah Soto, Marcy Spaulding, Kate Spaulding Zachere Mangan and Zach Mangan, Karen Speicher, Denis Squeri, Bob Prentice, Catherine Stefani and Chris Bankovitch, Jayna Steffens, Sacha Steinberger, Allison Stone, Yaniv Stopnitzky, Katie Stowe, Mary and Wayne Straight, Francine and John Strain, Catharine Strauss, Rosalie and Peter Streett, The Suleiman Family, Edward and Marjorie Summerville, Toral Surti, Urvashi and Shailesh Surti, Leah Sutton, Srividya Swaminathan, Heather Swedeen, Megan Sweeney, Phyllis and Theodore Swindells, Erika Takada, Karrie Tam, Leah Tarlen and John Moffat, Catherine Taylor, Angela Taylor, Ashley Taylor, Victoria Terheyden, Janice and Adam Thacher, Marissa Thieriot, Lockard Marduel, Whitney Thornburg, Martin and Susan Tierney, Rita H. Times R.N., Mark Timothy Jansen, Molly Titley, Jane Tobin, Bradley Tonks, Laura Torres, John Toupin and Ann Poncelet, Ann and Ian Townsager, Catherine Tran, Mai-Anh Tran, Yvonne Tsang, D.A. Tufts, Unger Family, Laura Unger, Joanna Uribe, Ann Van Ess, Gil-li Vardi, Vilma and Mike Velarde, Leslie Velasquez, Meagan Verdeyen, Steven Vettel and Brian Banuelos, Andres Villegas, Laura Vocke, Mark Volgamore, Pietje and Henk Vreman, Amanda Vu, Christopher Vukicevich, Fredrick W. Sroka, Katherine & Adrian Wadley, Lydia Waggoner, Kourtney Wagner, Blue Walcer, Mira Waldman and Chikai Ohazama, Cindy Ward, Lynn Warren, Sarah Waterfield, Melissa Watts, Anthony Wayne Hooks, Jennifer R Weber, Mareen Weber, Kate Weiland and Jeff Kalikow, Becca Welna, Peter and Lynne Wendell, Kristina Wertz, John White and Marcia Black, Barbara Whiteside, Kimberly Wicoff, Linda Wiley, Sara Wilf, Erin Willard, Stephanie Williams, Timothy Willis, Charles Windham MD, Trisha Winegarner, Jasmine Winphrie, De Wolcott, Michael Wong, Theresa Wong, Marisa Woodley, Ken Woodruff, LuLu Wu and Jason Foster, Deanna Wu, Benjamin Wulfe, Bobbie Wunsch, Jonathan Yang, Ed Yelin and Abby Snay, Marci Yellin, Robert and Mary Zaletel, Alice Z. and Michael D., Sophie Ziegler, Adam Zimmerman, Florence Zink